Conference recordings are created by the bridge which saves them to a Conference Manager server

The Conference Manager servers can only be accessed from within ExecuCall's private network by the infrastructure support team
Recordings are purged from the Conference Manager server after 7 days

When a conference has finished any recordings for that conferences are sent to a processing server that converts them into MP3 format. The processing server is on a private VLAN and cannot be accessed from the internet

These MP3s are then placed on a storage system. The storage system is on a private VLAN not accessible directly from the internet.

It is possible to publish the recording for access via a URL but even if a user chooses to allow others access to recordings in this way they have the ability to password protect the published recording

Dial in Numbers

ExecuCall's dial in numbers are delivered either as digital telephony interconnects (non-IP) or as Voice Over IP (VOIP)
Digital Telephony (TDM)
Most of ExecuCall's traffic is delivered as traditional telephony and terminated on one of ExecuCall's switches in one of their UK data centres. These switches also act as media gateways, converting between standard telephony protocols (C7 and ISDN) and VOIP (SIP G.711), which ExecuCall uses internally. ExecuCall's switches and media gateways are not accessible from the internet and can only be accessed by staff who have access to the relevant VPN and an appropriate username and password. Traditional telephony networks are generally considered to be secure as is the PSTN. There is no opportunity for eavesdropping or intercept of the interconnect between ExecuCall and the provider.
•ExecuCall are a UK telecommunications company and are registered with and regulated by Ofcom
•ExecuCall own their own UK number ranges
•ExecuCall's UK number ranges are delivered through an interconnect with BT
ExecuCall's BT interconnect is provided as a direct fibre connection between multiple BT
exchanges and ExecuCall's racks.


•ExecuCall's BT interconnect only delivers ExecuCall traffic
•ExecuCall's BT interconnect uses C7 signalling
•European numbers are provided by another UK-based Telco (name not supplied or commercial reasons)
•ExecuCall do not own their European numbers
•ExecuCall's European numbers are delivered through an interconnect with their telco partner
•ExecuCall's European number interconnect is provided as a direct fibre between their telco partner and ExecuCall's racks
•ExecuCall's European number interconnect only delivers ExecuCall traffic
•ExecuCall's European number interconnect uses C7 signalling
•ExecuCall's (non-VOIP) Worldwide number ranges are mainly delivered across the PSTN and terminated on ExecuCall's own UK dial in numbers.

Pin Numbers

It is important that customers and user take responsibility for the security of their pin(s). Pins issued to use conferencing services should only be distributed to people who need them. Host/Chair pins should not be distributed to anyone apart from the person who is going to host calls on that pin. Additional chair/participant pin pairs should be requested rather than sharing existing pins between more than one host.

The best way to ensure that conferences are secure is to follow these steps:
•Set up the chair/participant pin pair so that the chair is required to be present before participants can join the conference call.
•Configure the pin so that only the host is allowed to run the in-conference controls
•When the host has joined the call they should press #1 to check the number of participants and #2 to hear a roll call. If they are happy with the results of the head count and roll call they should press #3 to lock the call to prevent additional participants from joining the call.
Pins are unique across ExecuCall, ensuring that no 2 customers have the same pin. Pins are allocated at random so it is unlikely that someone miss-keying their own pin would enter a valid pin owned by another user. If a caller were to accidentally enter a pin that belonged to someone else on a dial in number for which that pin was active then they might end up joining a conference.
However, if that conference was locked they still would not be able to get in!


ExecuCall do not monitor or listen in on calls unless requested to do so by a customer to help resolve customer service issues. In this (very rare) event the ExecuCall operator will announce themselves to the rest of the callers.

ExecuCall deploy various automated monitoring systems to check on system and network status and to monitor the quality of voice traffic. If problems are detected alarms are sent to the technical support team for investigation and action.