Issue Resolution

The first point of contact for customers who require support is our Customer Services team. The Customer Services team is able to resolve most issues reported by customers without consulting 2nd or 3rd line (technical) support personnel. However, if an issue needs to be escalated to a technician, a trouble ticket reporting and tracking system allows us to maintain a full log of the support process.

Network Management, Maintenance and Support

Our in-house team of technicians and developers maintain and support all applications and systems, so any voice and web issues can be remedied without having to rely on 3rd party vendors.

Capacity Management

When capacity planning we always build into our blueprint an additional 30% capacity over and above what we believe we will need to allow us to continue to provide clients with an unrivalled service.


ExecuCall's infrastructure has built-in redundancy. All devices have dual power supplies and the data centres in which the equipment is located all have multiple power suppliers, multiple IP providers and backup battery generators.

Core Bridging Technology

Our core bridge technology uses dedicated media servers and is IP-based (SIP/RTP). Hosting calls are split into 2 separate stages allowing bridges to be removed from the active cluster for maintenance, or new bridges to be added without any down time.


ExecuCall's conferencing infrastructure is housed in state of the art data centres - 2 in London, New York and Brussels
If a 3rd party requires access to one of ExecuCall's racks they will be accompanied by an authorized ExecuCall member of staff.

As well as a physically secure environment the data centres provide a redundant power supply with battery and generator backup in the case of failure.

Connectivity is provided by multiple ISPs and telecoms partners.

ExecuCall's systems are physically redundant and data is backed up between sites to ensure that it can be recovered in the case of the complete failure of a single site.

Access to data is managed by a combination of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), which restrict the services and systems users can access, and secure logins and password, which only allow users access to the systems and data that they need.

ExecuCall have deployed switches and firewalls from industry leading suppliers and actively manage these systems ensuring that their firmware and software are up-to-date.