FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Contact participants with your Participant PIN, dial-in number/s and time of the call
2. At the agreed time, dial in and enter your Chairperson PIN when prompted. Your participants will need to enter the Participant PIN when prompted.
3. When prompted, speak your full name. You will either join the conference or be put on hold if the conference has not yet started.
There is no limit to the number of participants who can join your conference call. However, we require 24h notice for calls with over 501 participants.

There are a range of features that the chair person has access to directly from their telephone keypad while they are on a conference call. Please see below:

Head Count - #1 allows you to review the number of people on the conference call.
Roll Call - #2 initiates a roll call - replays all the names which were recorded when the callers arrived in the conference.
Locking a Conference - #3 will lock and unlock a conference. Locking a conference call prevents anyone else from joining the conference call.
Mute - #6 will mute and un-mute your handset whilst in a conference.
Private Roll Call - #7 allows only the Chairman to hear who is on the conference.
Record - The Conference recording key is #8. Press #8 whilst in the conference and recording will begin. To stop the recording, simply press #8 again. To retrieve the recording, please send us an email and will download it and send it back to you within 24 hours.
Private Head Count - #9 allows only the Chairman to hear how many people are on your conference.
Mute all - ## allows you to mute all participants. To un-mute all, press ## again.
Skip Into - # allows you to bypass the welcome message and go straight into the call.
Disconnect all participants - ** allows the chairperson to disconnect all participants from the call.

We offer 3 types of dial-in number - shared cost, geographical/local and Freephone. The main difference between the numbers lies with the way you are being charged for them.
Geographical/Local (0330): These numbers are charged at the local rate but the 0330 will be included in most landline and mobile phone price plans.

Shared Cost (0845): Participant pays for their own phone call. The call costs will be shown on their phone bill in the same way as any other call.

Freephone (0800): Your participants can call in for free from a landline. The host will pick up the cost of the participants calls.

You can use Execucall from any landline, mobile, pay phone, touchtone phone and even Skype, in the same way that you would make any other phone call.

This sometimes happens if your handset or telephone provider are experiencing technical difficulties when sending our DTMF (the beep tones your handset emits when you press its keys). Please try a different handset or contact your telephone provider to ask for assistance.

If you are unable to resolve the issue, contact our Customer Service team.

No, the dial-in number will remain the same, however if there are any changes, we will ensure you are made aware of them.
Yes, by default, every participant entering the conference is announced, ensuring that you know exactly who is on your conference call. You have the ability to lock the conference room and even do a head count or roll call of the participants.

Echo and/or poor call quality are usually caused by one or more of the lines connected to your conference call. In order to identify the line responsible for the noise, please ask your participants to mute their line by pressing #6 in turn. If the noise stops, you have identified the bad line. Your participant can remain muted for the duration of the call, or disconnect and redial to try to clear the fault. Premium PIN holders can also mute all their participants in one go by pressing ##, therefore minimising background noise.

If you are concerned that the noise is being introduced by a phone that was left off the hook, you can press ** to disconnect all parties on the call. Participants can then dial in again.

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